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We are absolutely delighted to announce on this first day of nominations that for 2020 we will be known as the

Alpha Rewards London Lifestyle Awards®

Our partnership with Alpha Rewards is underpinned by both our desires to help Lifestyle Businesses. The Alpha Rewards pla...

London Lifestyle Awards is the celebration of London and all that makes it the Greatest City in the World.
Attending the awards positions your company brand closely to the brand of ‘London’ but why else should you attend…

  • Being Shortlisted for a London Lifestyle Awa...

The nominations for the 2019 London Lifestyle Awards are well and truly open, with entries flooding in across many categories. The London Lifestyle Awards are the perfect opportunity to celebrate and admire the great work that these businesses are doing. Year on year,...

A little rant about what I don't like from the fabulous world of London's restaurants.

Back in 2005, I sat down for a couple of drinks with a young entrepreneur. He was trying to find his way in London building an IT business, when IT meant making sure peoples’ dial up was working and the huge server in the corner of the room was saving your emails corre...

The next phase of my love affair with London was a little calmer. My delight at London’s night life scene had not dimmed, but I did realise the how important it was to take the opportunity to consume the other luscious ingredients that London provides. In fact, to this...

Atlantic Bar...Back in the day 

I moved to London 21 years ago this September. Some might say that this is my ‘coming of age year’ as a Londoner, but I would disagree with that - you become a Londoner as soon as London becomes your home. I have met Londoners who have be...

May 21, 2019

The London Lifestyle Awards® are for 2019. In November we’ll again be celebrating the greatest city in the World. The London Lifestyle Awards have been celebrating London since 2010 and award across 20 categories, including best restaurant, bar and hotel, but also beau...

May 1, 2019

Nominations for the 2019 London Lifestyle Awards® are open! Open to members of the public and businesses owners alike.  The London Lifestyle Awards® are for everyone who loves London and appreciate businesses and people who help provide such an amazing lifestyle. We ar...

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