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I am British and I am proud


Celebrating Inclusivity, Freedom, and Multiculturalism


As the founder of the Lifestyle Awards®, I, Jason Gale, along with my friend and colleague Paul Madison have embarked on a journey to spread the celebration of excellence and diversity beyond London's borders. The London Lifestyle Awards® have been a testament to the vibrancy and richness of our capital city, and now it's time to extend this spirit of recognition to other cities across Britain. At the heart of this venture lies a deep-seated pride in my British identity, one that is firmly rooted in the principles of inclusivity, freedom, and multiculturalism.


Britain's history is intertwined with multiculturalism and inclusivity. From the Roman occupation to the influx of migrants during the Industrial Revolution, our nation has been a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and traditions for centuries. The vibrant tapestry of British society owes much to the contributions of people from diverse backgrounds who have made their home on these shores.

Inclusivity has been a cornerstone of British identity, even during times of adversity. From the struggle for women's suffrage to the fight against racial discrimination, Britons have continually pushed for a more inclusive and equitable society. Our commitment to freedom of expression and individual rights has been enshrined in law, ensuring that every person has the opportunity to thrive regardless of their background.

Despite our nation's strides towards inclusivity and multiculturalism, it's crucial to acknowledge that there are still forces at play seeking to undermine these values. In recent years, the far-right has attempted to co-opt symbols of British identity, such as the Union Jack and national songs, turning them into tools of division rather than unity. This hijacking of our cultural symbols has not only fuelled xenophobia and racism but has also created a climate where individuals may feel ashamed of their country's past mistakes. From colonialism to systemic discrimination, Britain, like any other nation, has its share of historical injustices. However, it's essential to confront these dark chapters of our history with honesty and humility, rather than allowing them to be weaponised by those who seek to sow discord. By acknowledging and learning from our past mistakes, we can move forward as a more inclusive and compassionate society, committed to building a better future for all.

Furthermore, in our journey towards inclusivity, we must not overlook the struggles faced by individuals based on their sexual orientation. The LGBTQ+ community has fought tirelessly for acceptance and equality, and as a nation, we must continue to champion their rights and celebrate the diversity of love and identity. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to all aspects of human experience, ensuring that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, feels valued and respected as an integral part of British society.

The success of the Lifestyle Awards® is a testament to the power of celebrating diversity and excellence. By shining a spotlight on businesses, organisations, and individuals who embody the spirit of inclusivity, we not only recognise their achievements but also inspire others to strive for greatness. Through these awards, we create a platform for voices that may otherwise go unheard, fostering a sense of belonging and pride within our communities.

As we expand the reach of the Lifestyle Awards® to cities across Britain, my pride in being British only grows stronger. I am proud to live in a country that embraces diversity, champions inclusivity, and upholds the values of freedom and equality for all. Together, let us continue to celebrate the richness of our multicultural heritage and work towards a future where every person has the opportunity to flourish, regardless of their background.

Jason Gale

Founder of the Lifestyle Awards®

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