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1. Social Media: use the exclusive logs and I-dents we sent you to drum up support through your networks and celebrate your success in getting shortlisted with your fans. Remember, always tag us...

Twitter @llawards

Instagram @lifestyle_awards
Facebook TheLondonLifestyleAwards

2. Newsletters: the people most likely to vote for you are your existing fans and customers who were once fans and signed up to receive your newsletters. Getting into the London Lifestyle Awards@ shortlist is a great news story to send to them as it reminds them why they love you.


3. Voting on your premises is a great way to get chatting to your existing clients and get more votes from them. Perhaps you have an iPad loaded up with the voting page and you ask them to vote while they are having their haircut, waiting to be seated or waiting for their delicious freshly made cocktail to be served.

4. Issue press releases: The London Lifestyle Awards@ is a great news story for London and Lifestyle Media so why not write and issue a press release sending it to the media organisations you want to interest. In the press release include your own quotes about how happy you are to be shortlisted and why you think you have

been. This is a great way to get your message out to a fresh and wider audience.

5. Email signatures: using the idents and logos we sent you in your email signatures is a great way to spread the news of your success to your peers and business colleagues. Maybe you could also include details in your reply emails of how to make enquiries and bookings. Seeing the logo and idents could be just what the client

needs to have that little extra confidence and make a booking.

6. Website content: I hope by now that you have announced on your website that you are shortlisted. Use the logo throughout your site and link it directly to the voting page at



7. You tube videos have huge potential so why not create a one or two-minute video showcasing your
business with the LLA logo, a link to the voting page and maybe a voice over or piece to camera celebrating your success.


8. Printed materials: old school still works, why not produce some flyers, table talkers and posters announcing

you are shortlisted.



9. Special events and promotions: Maybe you have some special clients that you want to invite to your business a ‘vote for us party’ or maybe you want to create a special cocktail or perhaps special product packaging to promote and celebrate your success.

10. Speak to your suppliers and ask them to promote your success. Suppliers often become your biggest fans and they too have great networks and connections that can work to your advantage. So make sure you tell them about your involvement in the awards and I am sure that they will be happy to help spread the word.

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