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"The London Lifestyle Awards began in 2010 celebrating an amazing city, hosting these awards is the greatest privilege of my life" 

Jason Gale CEO Lifestyle Awards®


The London Lifestyle Awards®; a prestigious acknowledgment of the very best in London lifestyle have now attracted over the ten years more than 2.3 million votes from the London public.


The London Lifestyle Awards® is an all-year-round celebration of what this great city has to offer culminating in an annual full red-carpet gala dinner attended by the great and the good of London. We truly believe that London is a fantastic city and the Lifestyle businesses that we celebrate to make the city for so many Londoners.

We feel now more than ever that these fantastic businesses that 'Make London' deserve to be celebrated. The 2023 celebration will start on the 14th of February with the opening of this years nominations.


Jason Gale CEO Lifestyle Awards®

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