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Jason Gale

Founder and CEO of the Lifestyle Awards®.

Jason is well known as the founder of the Lifestyle Awards. He established the London Lifestyle Awards® in 2009 following an inspiring meeting and discussion with President Clinton about the incredible city of London.

Through the awards, he celebrated his immense passion for London and the businesses that contribute to its vibrancy. He believes that now, more than ever, the city deserves recognition and celebration, along with the lifestyle businesses that shape its character.

The London Lifestyle Awards® has garnered over 2.5 million public votes in the last 13 years and presented 250 awards to outstanding businesses and individuals who serve as the lifestyle architects of this great city.

Jason is a passionate media creator and commentator who has published books and magazines to complement the awards; he regularly appears in the media with appearances on LBC, BBC London Radio, and GB News as well as in showbiz columns alongside celebrity friends and associates. He regularly gives keynote speeches on entrepreneurship, marketing, and events and has enjoyed sitting on many panels.

An interesting fact: he once appeared on Celebrity Family Fortunes and gained five top answers, winning a charity jackpot of £30,000.

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