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The popularity of the London Lifestyle Awards, over the last six years, and the success of the first Bristol Lifestyle Awards have given us the roadmap to creating the  British Lifestyle Awards.


The next steps are now underway. We are now talking to potential partners in order to establish who will be bested suited to hold the licences in ten more iconic UK cities.


Once a licence has been awarded to the succesful party preparations begin for a lifestyle awards in their city.


Everything that is needed to run a successful lifestyle awards is imparted to the licensee and support is on hand from the World Lifestyle Awards right up to, and including, the big night itself.


Over the next 18 months there will have been 10 more Lifestyle Awards across the country culminating with the very first British Lifestyle Awards, which will broadcast live nationally.


The perfect candiate to hold a Lifestyle Awards license may be an individual, a partnership, a media company, it could be a local TV company or local press but one thing is for certain they will be passionate about their city.


At the very heart of our brand is a deep-rooted love of the people and businesses that make our cities these amazing places to live and work. The awards are about local pride, about those who add dollops of excellence to our communities, it is about fun and personality and giving something back to these local superstars by honouring them publically once a year.


The awards are glamourous and engaging and for the winners of these local licences it will be a great opportunity to raise their own profile within the local business and public communities to exciting new heights.


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